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Information for Sellers

If you are planning to sell your business within the next five years, now is the time to consider the Intermediary Services of Business Broker Services. It’s not too early!

We perform a certified market evaluation for all of our businesses. The evaluation tells us the best time to market the business and the best places to market it. You, the seller, will know well in advance of the sale the actual value you can expect to receive and which of the four different types of buyers is the one who will pay that price.

Getting pre-approval for financing, before putting your business on the market, helps us to know how much cash a buyer will need to have, in addition to financing from the lender, to purchase your company. There will be no need for seller financing, unless you wish to finance the sale for a tax advantage.

Sales through Business Broker Services could be structured in several ways: Capital Gains; Structures; Cash Sales. The structure of the final value could be cash and/or a structure that might have tax advantages to the seller and the buyer. Business Broker Services consults with the accountants of all sellers, prior to placing the business on the market, for a final accounting structure that favors the client.

This means minimized tax ramifications for you, the seller. If, for example, we have to sell a corporation, we will market it with the requirement that the buyer purchase the corporation.

We screen all prospective buyers carefully. Each potential buyer must provide us with both a signed confidentiality agreement and a buyer questionnaire, and must give us a financial statement so that we can prequalify him or her for the purchase. We investigate to determine that assets are liquid.

Business Broker Services maintains an extensive database of active buyers, accountants, attorneys, and bankers. We get the word out to all of them; as responses come in, we carefully screen them to see which one is a fit. We might speak to several hundred prospects before we find the one to buy your business. Our screening process helps us to determine which businesses are right for each potential buyer.

We never divulge the name or location of a business. After signing a nondisclosure agreement, a buyer would receive from us generic information about your business prior to our meeting, but would not receive the name or location of your company. Telling too many prospective buyers the name and location of a business for sale decreases the dollar value of the business, so it would be difficult to sell it for its real value. We also ask for a Letter of Interest and a cash deposit before arranging for a buyer to tour your business. Many serious buyers request a meeting in our office to review the details, name and location of the business.

Business Broker Services is there every step of the way, walking the seller, the buyer, the attorneys, the accountants, and the lenders right through to the closing table.

If you have any questions about this successful process, don’t hesitate to Contact us.