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How to Find a Business Broker

At Business Broker Services we are often asked by potential sellers, “How do I find a business broker to sell my business and how do I know if he or she is best for me and my business?”

• We suggest interviewing at least three Business Brokers, Intermediaries, or Merger and Acquisition Specialists. Be sure to visit their offices, keeping the following questions in mind. (This list may lead you to further questions.)
• Does the office feel like a place you would choose for interviewing potential buyers?
• Do you find it easy to speak with this broker/intermediary? Are your questions answered easily and honestly?
• Will this broker be able to answer the questions of your prospective buyers in an informative and professional manner?
• Does this broker understand the industry your business serves?
• What will happen to your listing once it is in the broker’s files?
• How long has this broker been in business?
• What will you receive for your retainer fee?
• Will you receive at least three referrals?
• Does the broker have excellent negotiating skills?

Contact us if you have questions about finding a broker you’ll want to work with.