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Attend a Business Broker Services Seminar or come to our Drop-In Monday Nights!

Marcia Rosman teaches professional seminars that help first-time sellers and buyers How to Value, Buy, and Sell an Existing Business. Each series runs once a week for four weeks.

New series beginning soon! Contact us for dates.
• Mansfield
• Braintree
• Burlington

Week 1:

Introduction: What is that business worth?
We’ll look at value from all sides of the business evaluation: buyer, seller, market, lender.

Week 2:

Dissecting the tax returns/financials of a closely held business
What are the seller’s discretionary earnings, and why do they matter?

Week 3:

Submitting Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase
How to make your offer stand out from others.

Week 4:

Financing is availaBLE!

WHERE DO BUYERS Find the money to purchase a business?
Learn to get the most out of your professionals.

Plus Angel Investors and Venture Capital fundraising.

6:30 TO 9 P.M. SEMINAR MATERIALs and refreshments provided.

All four seminars, $196, prepaid. Taken separately, $59 each at the door ($236 total). To sign up, contact us at [email protected]

Drop-In Monday Nights!

Attention, buyers, sellers, and professionals!
Join in the discussions and get answers to your questions:

• What is different about buying, selling, or valuing a business in the current market?
• How is a business priced? (“I’m thinking of buying a business, but it seems overpriced.”)
• Where will I get the money to finance purchasing a business?
• What do I need to do to sell my business? When should I begin marketing it? How long will it take?
• How to put a value on my business?

Every question is a smart question!

Preregister at [email protected] to attend a drop-in session in Braintree, Burlington, or Mansfield. $30 cover charge includes refreshments.

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But don’t take our word for it!

Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from clients and attendees at our seminars and drop-in sessions.

“I am not usually one for testimonials, but I would highly recommend taking Ms. Rosman’s class, ‘How to Buy That Existing Business,’ to anyone that is considering buying a business. When I find the right business, I know that the information I have taken away from the class will save me valuable time and will likely result I being able to negotiate a better deal.”

“My wife asked me last night if this course met my expectations. My answer was, ‘Anyone interested in purchasing a business must take this seminar.’”

“Thank you, Marcia, for the very informative drop-in session. Now I have a better idea of what type of business to look for and that I can get financing if the business has the cash flow to cover the debt and provide an income for me.”

“I really enjoyed your business-buying seminar. Although I haven’t found that exact business yet, my confidence level and conceptual insight have certainly increased.”

“Out of all of the business brokers that I have talked to on and off in the past five years, you are definitely at the top of the list! I am impressed with your confidence, expertise, and attitude.”