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Business Broker Services

If you want to work for yourself and don’t want the headaches associated with a startup, you may consider buying an existing business. But how do you know what the company is really worth? You may need help navigating this unfamiliar territory. Business Broker Services will help you every step of the way, from finding a company that meets your business interests, through evaluating its assets and operations, to finding help with financing, and, finally, to turning the key and taking over ownership.

Or perhaps you own a business, are ready to retire, and have no heir apparent to whom you might turn over the company. Where do you look for prospective buyers? And how do you arrive at your asking price? Business Broker Services has experience in all facets of selling a business, from a complete evaluation of the company to helping you find a qualified buyer.

If a business needs to dissolve—whether because of the retirement or passing of one of the partners, or for any other reason—Business Broker Services will provide certified business evaluations and appraisals that determine the fair market value of the business. Principal Marcia Rosman acts as an expert court witness in divorce cases and partnership disputes.

As a mergers-and-acquisitions firm, Business Broker Services networks with business affiliates throughout the United States. Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers to an understanding of buying, selling, and valuing existing businesses.

Business Broker Services

  • Determines the fair market value of a business and provides to seller or buyer a certified business evaluation and appraisal.
  • Has a proven track record in selling New England–based businesses and others across the country.
  • Provides financing assistance. We can help a prospective buyer get a loan to buy an existing business.
  • Is knowledgeable and experienced in the sale of all types of businesses and provides personal service.

Contact us for assistance with buying or selling a business, franchise, or fitness center. We consult with, market, and represent quality companies throughout the country.